Opportunities for Employers


Employers, why partner with an IoT?

Are you looking to fill your skills gaps, attract the next generation of talent, diversify your workforce, innovate within your business, or make a difference within your local community?

Rooted in the region, South East Institute of Technology (SEIoT) can help you fill your immediate skills gaps while building a pipeline of talent for the future that will help your business and the local community thrive.

Employers are at the heart of the SEIoT as core partners and members of our governing body. The courses offered are designed and delivered with employers like you, so you can be confident that the training your staff receive – and the expertise of our student recruits – can be applied to your business immediately.

Beyond training and recruitment, the SEIoT can also help your organisation innovate. Partner with us and gain fresh insight into immediate business challenges by setting live projects for our students to work on, access state-of-the-art equipment and research facilities, and network with our other like-minded employer partners.

Backed by £290 million in government investment, Institutes of Technology (IoTs) are innovating and expanding in all directions with technologies you may not have seen before. Now is the time to jump on board.

Work with us?

There are many ways businesses can engage with South East Institute of Technology (SEIoT):


Take a tour of our facilities and experience for yourself our state-of-the-art facilities and innovative learning environment that you and your staff can benefit from.

Offer work experience placements

Discover new talent, gain exposure to fresh thinking and help expand the skills of our students through tailored placements.

Promote employment opportunities

Access a rich pool of talent by sharing your job vacancies with students looking for a new opportunity.

Set live projects

Get fresh insight into live issues that your business is facing by setting projects for our students to explore through independent and group study.

Become a sponsor

Raise your profile regionally among potential customers, influencers and partners by becoming an event or competition sponsor and help us expand our reach among future learners.

Deliver career talks

Help build the pipeline of talent in specific roles within your industry by giving career talks to our students, both young people and adults looking to embark on a new career and among more experienced adults already working in a technical role.

Host a student visit

Raise your profile among future potential employees and inspire interest in the kinds of jobs your organisation has available by hosting a student visit.

Advertise apprenticeship vacancies

Secure the best new talent by promoting your apprenticeship opportunities across SEIoT partners.

Deliver industry talks and masterclasses

Help inspire the next generation of young people as well as skilled, motivated adults already working in STEM by volunteering as an Industry Speaker.

Design programmes

Working in collaboration with our curriculum development team, co-design courses that help to fulfil the needs of your business and other employers in the local area.

Present at Career Fairs

Raise awareness of your organisation among potential future employees and inspire interest in the work of your organisation by attending a Careers Fair.


Employer Partners of the South Essex IOT